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August 23 2016

September 9th and 27th Feast Days

In September, we celebrate the feast days of Blessed Frederic Ozanam, on the 9th, and Saint Vincent de Paul, on the 27th.  Please be aware that a PDF document for a commemorative mass is available for each of those dates. 

July 27 2016

AGA 2016 keynote speaker's text

Msgr. Gregory Smith, keynote speaker at our National Annual General Assembly in Vancouver, gave an inspirational speech.  We invite you to read the script of his speech, by clicking on the pdf document:

July 25 2016

Founders Awards

The very first Founders Awards trophy being given to Jason Hunt for his valuable contributions to the International Youth Commission of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul awarded by Karl Michael Hila, International Vice President for Youth, and Julien Spiewak, Secretary General, on the 3rd day of the Vincentian Youth Day 2016.  Jason is the National Youth Rep for Canada.  Congratulations to Jason on behalf of all the Canadian Vincentians!

June 24 2016

Presale of the book celebrating the 170th Anniversary of the Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul in Canada

We invite you to look at this one page document, briefly describing the book: BOOK.pdf

You can now preorder your copy at the unique price of 39 $.
Be be quick, the offer is for a limited time only!

Fill up the ORDER-FORM.pdf and send it to the National Office before September 15.

Many copies of the book were already preordered at the AGA in Vancouver so make sure you get yours quickly.


June 6 2016

A new President General International for SSVP

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul has a new President General International: Renato Lima de Oliveira has been elected, during the General Assembly in Roma, on Sunday June 5th.

Renato Lima, 45-years old, has been a member since 1986. He has held various posts within the Society, including posts on the Youth Committee, as well as constantly undertaking activities in his Conference. Since 2008 he has been the Territorial Vice-President (South America) and during the last 3 years has represented the International General Council for dealings with the Vincentian Family. Journalist by profession, he is also the author of a number of publications, including the “Vincentian Chronicles”.

Renato Lima de Oliveira succeeds Dr. Michael Thio who was on this position since 2010. He will be responsible for the direction of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul for a term of 6 years and will take office on next September 27, feast of St. Vincent de Paul.

June 1 2016

Spiritual Reflection for June

A new spiritual reflection is available in the "Spirituality" section:

Have you ever wondered what, and if there is any difference between a non-Christian doing works of charity and a Christian doing the same? Some people would say that there is no difference; the end result may be the same, and if one can believe that compassionate and giving support to the needy is part of our natural instincts for social survival as a human species, then belief in Christ is immaterial.  

To read more, please click on this link: JUNE-REFLECTION

May 23 2016

Forest Fire

One of the questions we often receive is: should donations be paid up to SSVP for the Alberta, Saskatchewan forest fire? 

The answer is: yes.  The money should be passed up as usual: from the Conference to the higher leveland cheques should specify it is for the National Emergency Fund. 

After, each Region will pass it up to National Council. There are no matching funds from the federal government for the Society.  We are trying to see if it could be done.

At the National level we will be able to help out any Conferences that need help because of this disaster.  As you know this fire is growing and moving, nobody knows where it could go next.

Conferences should not donate money to the Red Cross because it is against the Rule and the Society will need that money once the Red Cross has completed its work in the area.

Jean Noël Cormier, President
National Council

May 12 2016

CCCB Pentecost message

Pentecost message to the Canadian Catholic National Movements and Associations from the CCCB Standing Committee for Relations with Movements and Associations.  PENTECOST

May 10 2016

President General International Newsletter

To read President General International's newsletter, please click on this link: CGI-NEWSLETTER-MARCH-APRIL-2016 

May 6 2016

Fires in Fort Mc Murray

We cannot remain indifferent to the fires that are presently devastating northern Alberta. Thousands of people have been displaced, and they need help. We are actually in contact with Vincentians in Edmonton, who are putting in place the mechanisms necessary to respond to assistance requests that will soon start to come forth. We will let you know as soon as we find out if particular needs are expressed. If you wish to contribute financially to help alleviate the suffering of the thousands who are displaced, you may do so by sending your contributions to the National Council, 2463 Innes Road, Ottawa, ON K1B 3K3. Please make your cheque payable to SSVP National Council and write down at the bottom on the left, National Emergency Fund.

Thank you for your help and God bless you.

Jean-Noël Cormier
President, National Council