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February 25 2015


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February 2 2015

Spiritual Reflection for February - The Look… part 2

Here is the second text of the serie « The Look »: Servien in Spe, Through eyes of: Joy, Justice, and Charity. 

Are my welcome and my compassion, attitudes of joy and hope, or are they an inquisitive look that make me act as a judge of conformity with established standards and procedures?

How do I look at foreigners? How did Vincent de Paul, Frederic Ozanam and his companions, as well as Rosalie Rendu welcome the others and sympathize with their suffering?

And Jesus, how was he welcoming, compassionate towards those who suffer?

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January 28 2015

Twinning Newsletter - January 2015

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January 5 2015

Emmanuel Bailly Scholarship

It is now time to select another recipient for the Emmanuel Bailly Scholarship.

The Emmanuel Bailly Scholarship is an initiative of the National Council of Canada of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. It was created to reward young Vincentians who have to combine their studies and volunteer work. In addition to attending school and often working part time, young Vincentians find time and energy to help the less privileged of their community.  The National Council of Canada wishes to reward them, for exceptional contribution, by offering a bursary of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) in Canadian currency and a merit certificate.

The scholarship is awarded to a Vincentian student who clearly stood out during the year.  The bursary is to help the recipient pursue his/her studies and fulfil professional ambitions. 

The National Council must receive all application materials by March 31 of each year.

Applications are accepted by mail to the National Council office or email to Applications submitted by email are to be sent as a PDF document. 

For information and application, please download PDF document: APPLICATION

January 3 2015

Spiritual Reflection for January - Searching for the Light

A new spiritual reflection is available in the "Spirituality" section: Searching for the Light.

Why do we so crave the light? During the winter season we try to illuminate the night by decorating our homes in and out. I sit here looking out my dining room window at the lights I have just re-activated on the tree in the front yard anticipating the coming of the Christmas season when we celebrate the birth of the Word of God, the true light. 

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December 31 2014

The Guignolée – Jesus-Marie-Joseph Conference, Orleans, Ontario

The Jesus-Marie-Joseph Conference in Orleans includes members from the four Catholic parishes of that community located east of Ottawa. It is a very lively conference, with about 50 full-fledged, or auxiliary members. It is under the new presidency of Bro. Paul Aimé Chénier that the 2014 edition of our Guignolée took place, on December 7, in a spirit of joy and fraternity.

After receiving the blessing of the St. Joseph parish priest in Orleans, at around 12:30, close to 300 “guignoleux” took on the streets of the vast 110,000 people suburbs. Following predetermined circuits, they solicited citizens for money, clothing and food that would help them assist people in situation of poverty in their community. Youths from boys and girls Scout clubs as well as social club members came to lend a hand for the drive that took place under a shining sun. The day ended with a dinner of baked beans, macaroni and hot dogs, compliments of the Knights of Columbus.

People’s generosity was exemplary. According to the organizers, the 2014 Guignolée is considered one of the most successful ones since the Conference started that activity, approximately 50 years ago. Partial results confirm that more than $22,000 were collected, and over 125 Christmas hampers were prepared by the Conference members. The pantry is fully stocked, and 2 large trucks full of clothes, toys and various articles delivered their valuable load to the Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul Store in Ottawa. There was a drive for food, clothing and toys in primary and secondary schools at the beginning of December, and the donators were very generous as well. The spirit of the Guignolée continues until we celebrate the Nativity, with financial and material contributions from various businesses in Orleans.

The Guignolée truly is a community activity of solidarity and sharing with people in need. It is a joyous event that animates everyone, from the residents who, by opening their door to the “guignoleux”, share part of their hearts and possessions, to the participants, who are happy to be part of the effort to alleviate poverty, isolation and other ills afflicting the needy.

One again, the Guignolée was an opportunity to refill our hearts with love and focus on our mission of charity.

Already, we are preparing for the next one…

Clermont Fortin / Paul A. Chénier
Jesus-Marie-Joseph Conference, Orleans ON








December 24 2014

International General Council's Newsletter

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December 8 2014

Prayers needed Marie Hunter

Don Hunter has been a pillar in SSVP.  Don was urged by his wife Marie to join St. Cecilia’s SSVP in Calgary.  Don was instrumental in expanding the Society.  He served as President on three levels.  He was such a part of the Vincentian family and enjoyed his term on National as Western Regional President.  He fought for Calgary, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Territories to become a Regional and won after much persuasion.  He worked well with National even after his retirement from leadership he continued to do home visits.  Don and Marie have been great Advocates for the poor.  He was asked to sit on the committee to rewrite the Rule and Canadian Statutes.  He worked diligently.  He has served us well.

Now in this time of need, his dear wife has 4th stage cancer and has been diagnosed terminal and has not much time.  She inspired Don and all of us in Calgary with her compassion.  Ironically she volunteered for Palliative care and comforted those who were dying.  Please pray for Marie to have a peaceful passing and enjoy the room God has prepared for her.  Also pray for Don, and the family.  May Marie and Don feel the gentle caress of Jesus during this time of need.

December 8 2014

Prayers needed - Eva Bédard

Claude Bédard's wife, Eva, has been ill for about eight weeks now. It started out with a severe bout of diverticulitis and a hiatus hernia. She could not eat and suffered from a loss of energy and weight (40 pounds). She underwent a CT-scan on December 4th along with major blood work, and she was finally taken to the emergency on December 5th. She received a diagnosis of ovarian cancer that had already spread to her stomach. More tests were required, including a biopsy, to confirm if cancer has spread further. Her doctor is trying to arrange for a bed in Victoria. Bro. Marek visited her to administer the sacraments, Anointing of the sick and the Eucharist.

Please keep her in your prayers.

Claude Bédard is National Council Vice President.

December 1 2014

Spiritual reflection for December

A new spiritual reflection is available in the "Spirituality" section:  A proper celebration of Christmas

Near Annapolis Royal in the province of Nova Scotia is located the National Historic Park of Port Royal. It is fair to say that the first truly Christmas celebration in what was to become Canada took place in 1605 at the newly constructed fort, Port Royal. 

To read more, please click on this link: Spiritual Reflection December 2014