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May 23 2016

Forest Fire

One of the questions we often receive is: should donations be paid up to SSVP for the Alberta, Saskatchewan forest fire? 

The answer is: yes.  The money should be passed up as usual: from the Conference to the higher leveland cheques should specify it is for the National Emergency Fund. 

After, each Region will pass it up to National Council. There are no matching funds from the federal government for the Society.  We are trying to see if it could be done.

At the National level we will be able to help out any Conferences that need help because of this disaster.  As you know this fire is growing and moving, nobody knows where it could go next.

Conferences should not donate money to the Red Cross because it is against the Rule and the Society will need that money once the Red Cross has completed its work in the area.

Jean Noël Cormier, President
National Council

May 12 2016

CCCB Pentecost message

Pentecost message to the Canadian Catholic National Movements and Associations from the CCCB Standing Committee for Relations with Movements and Associations.  PENTECOST

May 10 2016

President General International Newsletter

To read President General International's newsletter, please click on this link: CGI-NEWSLETTER-MARCH-APRIL-2016 

May 6 2016

Fires in Fort Mc Murray

We cannot remain indifferent to the fires that are presently devastating northern Alberta. Thousands of people have been displaced, and they need help. We are actually in contact with Vincentians in Edmonton, who are putting in place the mechanisms necessary to respond to assistance requests that will soon start to come forth. We will let you know as soon as we find out if particular needs are expressed. If you wish to contribute financially to help alleviate the suffering of the thousands who are displaced, you may do so by sending your contributions to the National Council, 2463 Innes Road, Ottawa, ON K1B 3K3. Please make your cheque payable to SSVP National Council and write down at the bottom on the left, National Emergency Fund.

Thank you for your help and God bless you.

Jean-Noël Cormier
President, National Council

May 2 2016

Spiritual Reflection for May - Works of Mercy

A new spiritual reflection is available in the "Spirituality" section:

Pope Francis encourages us to reflect on the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. These works are a straightforward, practical expression of the Father’s mercy.  In this Holy Year, we are invited to choose and exercise one or two of these works, those that we do not normally practice.

To read more, please click on this link: REFLECTION-MAY

April 25 2016

Reminder – Registration – AGA 2016, Vancouver BC

Registration fees are $275 until April 30th, 2016.
From May 1st, 2016, registration fees will be $300. 

To register, please go to:


April 18 2016

Is there an end to poverty? Heading west, the journey continues

12:50 April 15. The train to Ottawa leaves Montreal Central Station. Outside, a splendid day and a new departure! Pierre Hubert, President of the Ottawa Central Council will be at the destination to greet me, like other volunteers along the way. In the Vincentian skyline the generosity of spirit and time is shining strong.

A Spring Meeting has been organised in Ottawa; members of SSVP Ontario are to gather to review their objectives and talk about the future. Poverty and future do not seem to rhyme and yet somehow they do. Since the beginning of this trip, the En Route with History project which began in the Maritimes, I am starting to believe that there is a link and that not all is lost.  It has to do with the goodness and the courage of mankind; because it does exist. This alone will not eradicate poverty, but it will make it more bearable which is already enormous. It is what we find at the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul: a breath of hope!

These days I often speak with friends and acquaintances about this trip and the writing of the book on the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Canada. Most give me the looks and I can tell they are surprised. I have even been asked: « the Saint Vincent de Paul is an organisation giving second hand clothes from some church basement, no? ». I entertain a certain pleasure in telling them that they are mistaken and that there are close to 15,000 members across Canada trying to make our community a better place by restoring pride in those who have lost it and not only through the organisation of a tombola or bazaar!” This is quite a surprise to them. Sceptics will be confounded and I hope, will run to buy the book!

In the « Rule » (the book that governs members’ actions), it says that the Vincentian mission does not stop at distributing clothing and food to the poor; most important is to meet with the needy, to make a connection with the person who suffers. Only then do the different forms of aid come into action.

Home visits are pivotal for this organization founded in Québec City in 1846. Whether it’s meeting a person suffering from anxiety because of a precarious situation, or bringing an urgent hamper, talking about the different resources available, Vincentians will generously give their time to help those in need. 

We live in a world-in-a-hurry where everybody seems to be running out of time; the world of the Vincentian is different, like a garden where “time” is a crop that the more you harvest the more it grows…Time has no hold on a commitment that will always triumph!

Today I am going on a quest to meet men and women, members of the Society, starting in Ottawa and all the way to Victoria. I admire their dedication in putting poverty relief into action and I am looking forward to hearing their stories.  

Will we ever see the end of poverty? Probably not. But since I have been observing these incredible volunteers at work I almost believe we can. You will find them where it matters, in the field. And the train is slowly taking me there!

1: 45 pm: peanut and writing break!

Louise Larivière


April 7 2016

400th Anniversary of the birth of the Vincentian charism

Following our March 14 article posted on the National website, here is a PDF document from Council General International regarding the 400th Anniversary of the Vincentian Charism in 2017. CGI-DOCUMENT

It would be very much appreciated if you could study and develop a plan of action that your society would use to celebrate this 400th anniversary in your council/conference.

As Council General International needs to co-ordinate and submit the plans of action to the Vincentian Family headquarters by October 1, 2016, we would very much like to receive your submission by August 15, 2016, so we can submit them to CGI for September 2016.

Please send your submission by email to

April 4 2016

Spiritual Reflection for April - Have you ever wondered about the path you are on?

A new Spiritual Reflection is available in the "Spirituality" section:

I have often told the story about the time I really made vows some 35 years after I made that commitment the first time.

But it is only relatively recently that I made the connection with Vincent’s life. J Patrick Murphy’s thumbnail reflection in his soon to be released book, Mister Vincent, helped me do just that.  Vincent spent 25 years finding himself and becoming free of false starts and his own greed.

Lesson: It is okay to get a little lost on the way to finding yourself.

To read more, please click on this link: April-Reflection 

March 28 2016

En Route with History, a journey leading to the writing of a book on Vincentians

From March 29 to June 1st, 2016, Louise Larivière, author of the book celebrating the 170th Anniversary of the Society in Canada, will be doing a series of assignments on Vincentians and their mission. She will be travelling on board VIA Rail reaching Halifax April 4, (St John’s le 6, Québec le 8) back to Montreal April 9. On April 15, she will be back on the train, a 21-day journey taking her all the way to Vancouver. Stops are planned in several communities, cities and municipalities where SSVP is present. During her journey she will conduct interviews, take photos, gather documents and photographs that you will agree to give her, and, most importantly, she will be meeting with you.

You can see the itinerary on her website. She will complete her assignment by June 1st. The book is due next fall. 

To follow Larivière, see short clips and interviews go to and click Journal Eng on the top menu; you are invited also to become friend to En Route with History Facebook; “like” the page if you don’t want to  miss anything! It’s starting March 30.

This trip across Canada is made possible thanks to VIA Rail; some hotels offered to contribute, the Book Steering Committee is helping with logistics, some members have accepted to host and guide Larivière during her travel. A true Vincentian Spirit experience !