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November 3 2014

Spiritual Reflection for November

Jesus calls us to love one another as He loves us. Friendship is the most spiritual of loves. Jesus told the Apostles that he did not consider them as serpents but as friends. Friendship is characterized by mutual caring and usually involves loyal support and a shared view of the world. Friends help each other achieve what is good. Ultimately, friends help us find God because the love between friends is from God who is love.

To read more, please click on this link: Reflection-November

October 22 2014

International General Council's Newsletter

Please click on this link to read the Newsletter: CGI-Sept-Oct-2014-Eng

October 20 2014

Strategic Planning Survey

We invite all Vincentiens to complete a brief survey that will help the Strategic Plan Committee in developing a five-year plan to be presented at the 2015 AGA, in Hamilton.

Once completed, please send it to our Ottawa office before November 16, 2014, to the address indicated on the form or by email (

This survey is published in the Fall edition of the Vincenpaul-Canada, available soon.

You may also complete the survey electronically; click on the survey link below.  You can save the document and send it by email ( or click on the ‘’Send by Email’’ button on the top of the PDF page.  

Strategic Planning Survey

Thank you!

October 2 2014

Spiritual Reflection for October

A new spiritual reflection is available in the "Spirituality" section.

THE WORD “LOOK”… IN GENERAL - As a verb, it refers to the act of directing the eyes towards an object, a location, a person to observe. As a name, it refers to the expression in the eyes of someone, the way that person looks at people and things.

To read more, please click on this link: Reflection-October

September 29 2014

Healthy Eating Out of a Food Bank

The Fall edition of the "Healthy Eating Out of a Food Bank" pamphlet is now available on our website under "Vincentian Life" in the "Special Projects" section.

Follow this link: Healthy-Eating-Fall-2014

September 26 2014

Canada Revenue Agency

Several conferences have contacted us about the letter from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) concerning the new Canada not-for-Profit Corporations Act (NFP Act). Note that this letter was sent to all charities in Canada, whether incorporated under a federal law or not. So the fact of receiving this type of letter does not mean in itself that the charity does not comply. Only the National Council of Canada is incorporated nationally. Conferences do not have to send documents to the CRA regarding this application. 

September 22 2014

Commissioning Ceremony

St. Vincent de Paul’s feast day, September 27, would be the ideal time to renew the commission of all the members of your Conference or Council “to go to the poor with love”.  Please click this link: Commissioning Ceremony to download the Commissioning Ceremony leaflet.

September 3 2014

September 9 and 27 - Feast Days

September is an important month for us Vincentians.  Indeed, on September 9th, we will celebrate Blessed Frederic Ozanam, and on September 27th, St. Vincent de Paul. You can download the leaflet for the mass of Ozanam by clicking this link: September-9-Bl-Ozanam and the one for St. Vincent’s mass by clicking this link: September-27-St-Vincent. These leaflets are always available on our web site, in the "Spirituality/Masses" section.

September 2 2014

Spiritual reflection for September

A new spiritual reflection is available in the "Spirituality" section.

Reflect on the following in light of the family, home, neighbourhood, parish, city, region, province, country and finally the world preferably in a conference/council setting. Share and discuss your thoughts and insights perhaps this may lead to new ways of rendering service and ultimately to systemic change.

Allow The Lord to speak to you from outside the box of conventional wisdom and traditional thought with regards to the standard secular definition and understanding of what is hunger, thirst, alienation, nakedness, sickness and imprisonment and the consequent solutions thereof. Be open to a completely new approach quite at odds with the way man usually evaluates these things.

To read more, please click on this link: Reflection-September

July 28 2014

AGA 2014 - Photos

Photos of the National AGA (Edmonton June 24) can be seen in our photo album on our web site.  Click on this link: AGA-Photos