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June 9 2015

AGA registration

Online registration will be closed Friday.

Once the online registration is closed, please contact Jason Hunt at or 519-722-3374 to register.

June 3 2015

The SSVP on EWTN (American TV channel)

Diffusion of two episodes of the series "Universal Church" devoted to the SSVP on EWTN (American TV channel), with Dr Michael Thio, Sheila Gilbert & David Barringer.

The television channel EWTN ("Eternal Word Television Network" - USA) broadcasts catholic emissions and programs which cover news around the world. In last October, Dr. Michael Thio, along with David Barringer ( CEO National Council) and Sheila Gilbert (National President) participated to “The Church Universal” Series conducted at the recording studio of EWTN at Birmingham, Alabama, USA. This program seeks to tell the often untold story of the many groups, outreaches and apostolates in the Catholic Church which are making a positive difference in the world through their charitable works and prayerful lives. After being aired in US, 
The second part is now available on line with Youtube : 

Part 1:

Part 2 : 

June 2 2015

Spiritual Reflection for June

A new spiritual reflection is available in the "Spirituality" section: Peace be with you:

We live in a very un-peaceful world.  People have said this, with good reason for generations, yet it is as true now as it has ever been.  There is a great deal of unrest globally, in our communities and sometimes in our families. 

Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers…” or in some translations, “Happy are the peacemakers…” 

The Easter stories coupled with a small booklet that I came upon prompted me along the path where I have been reflecting on:  How can I, as a Vincentian, be more of a peacemaker?  Why should I want to? 

To read more, please click on this link: Spiritual-Reflection-June

May 21 2015

AGA-Hamilton - Room on campus, booking deadline - May 27th

McMaster University offers a great place to stay on campus, but can only hold a set bank of rooms up to and including May 27th. Please decide now if you want to stay on campus, and call to book your rooms.  Accommodation arrangements are to be made directly with McMaster University. To book your accommodation, call (905) 525-9140, extension 26898. Single Room $58.00/night; Double Room $45.00/person/night; Suite (4 beds) $199.00/night. All prices are subject to applicable taxes.

Registration for attending the AGA, including meals, is done separately, either on line here: or by mail, and there is no deadline for registrations, only for room accommodations on campus. 

May 6 2015

Council General International's Newsletter - March, April 2015

Please click on this link to read the Council General International's newsletter:

May 1 2015

Spiritual Reflection for May

A new spiritual reflection is available in the "Spirituality" section:

From the beginning of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the central and most basic activity of Conferences has been the visitation of the needy in their home. This action is the clearest symbol of the Vincentian charism, which dictates the highest respect for the dignity of the poor; the visitor becomes the guest and the person being helped is the master. 

To read more, please click on this link: Reflection-May-2015

May 1 2015

Earthquake in Nepal and Tropical Cyclone in Vanuatu– URGENT APPEAL FOR FINANCIAL RELIEF ASSISTANCE

Dear Vincentians,

As you all know, a severe earthquake in Nepal on Saturday April 25, has cause enormous destruction of habitats and infrastructures.   The latest estimates placed over 5,000 deaths and close to a million displaced.

Moreover, on March 13,2015 a powerful tropical Cyclone crossed the islands that comprised the archipelago of Vanuatu in the South Pacific.  This has cause several hundred deaths and thousands of misplaced people from their homes.

As a result of these terrible catastrophes, the President General, in the letter attache, has launched an international appeal for donations. I am soliciting the generosity of each Vincentian, Conference and Council that can afford it to send their donation to the National Council of Canada, 2463, Innes Rd, Ottawa, Ontario, K1B 3K3. All donations received will be forwarded to the International Council General as instructed.

I  also ask  Vincentians to keep the people of Nepal and of the archipelago of Vanuatu, in their prayers in this moment of great suffering.

Thank you for your generosity, God bless.

Jean-Noël Cormier
National President

PDF : Letter CGI - Appeal for donation

April 29 2015

Nepal Urgency - Message from CGI

We are very sad to learn of the tragedy that struck Nepal in the form of a violent earthquake on Saturday 25 April. The first pictures sent by the media show the impact and the distress of the people in the affected zones. The number of victims is rising hour by hour, the centre of Kathmandu is devastated, and strong aftershocks have caused panic among survivors.

The International General Council has been in touch with local contacts such as Joseph Pandian (Territorial Vice-President), Elizabeth Loo (national twinning coordinator in Malaysia – a country twinned with Nepal). They have been able to get in touch with fellow members in Kathmandu who are currently meeting as a crisis group to organise help for victims.

The conference in Godavari (Eastern Nepal) responded at once by sending tents to shelter families who have lost their homes. Our brothers Joseph Pandian and Gabriel Mondal (Western Asia Regional Coordinator) are working together to organise the help for victims.

According to Elizabeth Loo, the Tipling conference (in a mountainous region) has been badly affected by the earthquake.

The General Council has decided to release emergency aid at once, followed by  a second instalment of funds, as soon as the position and the current needs have been properly assessed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Nepal and with our Vincentian brothers and sisters, in this country whose first conferences were formed in 2010, and where a training meeting took place only a few weeks ago.

April 4 2015

Happy Easter


April 1 2015

Spiritual Reflection for April

A new spiritual reflection is available in the "Spirituality" section: Easter 2015

As I look back on the many early Easter mornings, when, after rubbing sleep out of my eyes, I opened the parish church to inaugurate the radiant Easter morning, the liturgies of Good Friday were in the past, much like a bad dream.

To read more, please click on this link: Easter-2015