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We would like to share highlights regarding Ontario’s 2016 activities following the Annual Reporting.

The Ontario Regional Council has 4,970 reported members throughout its 5 Central Councils, 38 Particular Councils, and 325 Conferences. We have 196 Spiritual Advisors.

Collectively we have conducted 67,964 visits, serving 73,154 adults and 54,146 children.

Prison Ministry
There were four reports of prison ministry supporting 2798 inmates, 2392 men and 406 women; as well as supporting 16 upon release (12 men and 4 women).

We had 31 reporting stores (out of 46 stores), which provided a minimum of 13,763 vouchers worth $806,195. The stores have 130 full time and 167 part-time employees and an estimated 152,288 volunteer hours from 751 volunteers. The total reported cost to operate these stores is $9,781,494. They bring in $10,734,948 combined.

Soup Kitchens
All 16 of the reported soup kitchens appear to be volunteer run, although there is one full time staff at the Ozanam Centre. They served 56,632 meals helping 53,610 individuals. The average cost to operate a soup kitchen, based on what was reported, is approximately $5,211.

Food Banks
We had 51 reported Food Banks serving 102,996 people. There is one full time staff and 5 part time staff with the others being volunteer-run with a collective 90,186 hours of volunteer time from the 871 volunteers. The average cost of running a Food Bank is $23,827. 

We have 6 emergency/temporary shelters operating in Toronto, offering 126 beds per night, as well as Marillac Place providing shelter and support for young unwed mothers. Sault Ste Marie also operates a homeless men’s shelter under St. Vincent Place.

Affordable Housing
We have 3 affordable housing projects (totaling 18 units) in Toronto to help those with developmental disabilities. Toronto also has one home for mental health recovery; one home for pre-treatment (11 beds) and 14 homes for post-treatment addiction recovery (82 beds). These units are partnered with Toronto Community Housing Corporation, Ministry of Community and Social Services, Ministry of Health, and Mainstay Housing.

Summer Camps
There are three summer camps operating in Ontario: Marygrove Camp, a girl’s camp, located near Penetang/Georgian Bay; Camp Ozanam, a boy’s camp, located near South River; and Camp Vincent, for boys and girls, located near Bothwell. These camps served 2200 children, of which approximately 2081 were sponsored by Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.

Other Programs
Other programs offered in various communities include: bagged lunches, BBQs, and other special meals; Breakfast programs; Christmas hampers (food, toys, and gift cards); clothing, coat distribution; community gardens; community liaison work to identify gaps in services; emergency funds to assist with rent, utilities, prescriptions, dentures/dental emergencies, baby items, etc.; employment and resume assistance programs; Good Food Box distribution; hotline for connecting persons in need to services; hampers for young mothers; recycling and e-waste collections; transportation to church, medical appointments, grocery shopping (or deliveries for shut-ins). There are also a number of conferences/councils who reported working with local elementary and high schools for various clothing/food drives, assisting students with supplies or milk/snack/food programs, teaching the rosary, etc.

Some of the larger projects include Ozanam Education Fund, Vinnie’s Wallet, the RESP/Seeds of Hope project, and the North of 60 Project.

We have 57 international twinning activites with Councils/Conferences being twinned with

Antigua, Columbia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago

Social Justice was added to the report this year. While we know the numbers are higher, 21 reported having a social justice representative and 19 reported having social justice as a standing item on their meeting agendas. We all know how important social justice, systemic change and advocacy are.

The total revenue for 2016 was $21,609,636. The total expenditure was $21,145,154.

Thank you to our many volunteers across Ontario for the amazing work they do to help our friends in need.

Peace and Blessings

Linda Dollard, ONRC President



Dear Fellow Vincentians,

Thank you to everyone who attended the ONRC meeting held in St. Catharines March 31/April 1st.  Our attendance continues to grow with each ONRC meeting, with 112 attendees, another new high.  It was wonderful to see you there.  We were honored Saturday morning to start our day with a beautiful Mass celebrated with Most Reverend Gerard Bergie, Bishop for the Diocese of St. Catharines.

The President’s Roundtable on Friday was filled with great questions and good discussion about the following topics:

  • North of 60 project – Pegg Leroux detailed plans to expand this wonderful program
  • Human Resource policies
  • Financial information re: claiming GST/HST from CRA
  • SSVP liability insurance coverage – the need to ensure we fully understand coverage provided
  • Communications – a focus group was formed to review and introduce measures to improve all communication avenues
  • Spirituality 

The following Information from this weekend’s events will be posted on the Ontario Regional Website - Members site, once all information is compiled.  This information will include:

  1. A summary of the President’s Roundtable discussions will be posted under “Meetings & Reports” http://members.ssvp.on.ca/workshops.php  
  2. A summary of the four workshops held on Saturday will be found at http://members.ssvp.on.ca/workshops.php.  I encourage everyone to view the tremendous work taking place.
  3. The minutes of the meeting will be posted at  http://members.ssvp.on.ca/minutes.php   

Please remember that these ONRC meetings are open for all Vincentians to attend.  These meetings give you an opportunity to network and learn more about the good work happening throughout Ontario to serve our friends in need.  Our fall meeting will be hosted by Lakeshore PC September 29/30, 2017 in a community located east of Oshawa and just north of Highway 401.  There will also be a short ONRC meeting for folks who attend the National AGA in Quebec June 21 – 25th.  The new International President will be at the National AGA.

Please feel free to reach out to me or a member of the Executive team at any time should you have questions or need assistance.  Our email contact information is on the website at http://www.ssvp.on.ca/rc/contactus.php.

Thank you for all that you do to serve our friends in need.

God Bless,

Linda Dollard
President, Ontario Regional Council