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Quebec Regional Council
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Michel Olivier​The year 2016 was marked, among other things, by a changing of the guard within the governance of the Quebec Regional Council. Elections took place, and I wish to thank all of you for placing your trust in me. Therefore, it is with much humility and ardor that I serve now as President.

As is the custom, I proceeded to designate a new executive committee that I am happy to introduce here: Lise Boyer, Vice-President, Claude Roy, Treasurer, Mario Vadnais, Secretary, Pierre Morissette, outgoing President, Roger Dubois, Spiritual Advisor, and Myriam Bergeron, Youth Representative. We have already started thinking about developing Vincentian life in Québec. We hold frequent meetings that we hope to be full of new opportunities. With the cooperation of the National Council, we use "Skype for Business" that allows to hold monthly meetings via videoconference. Our first meetings allowed us to become better acquainted, which helps us agree rapidly on points on the agenda, while pursuing current activities and projects.

We are actually developing an action plan that we hope will help increase the visibility of the Society, and ensure its viability. Dialogue is very important for us, and we plan to hold a "lac-à-l'épaule"[1] retreat in March 2017, after which we will present a full report at the annual meeting that will take place in Québec, in June 2017.

To conclude, I wish to express my most sincere thanks to Pierre Morissette, for his continuous support and exceptional commitment. Over the last four years, Pierre initiated me to the various aspects of managing a regional council. His presence as outgoing President within the structure of the regional council will be of great assistance. I also wish to emphasize the work of Diane Dorion, Administrative Assistant in charge of the Montreal office, as well as Lise Blais, Project Manager: their dedication greatly helped that transition in governance to take place smoothly. Finally, I salute all members who, through their engagement, contribute to make f the Quebec Society a better and stronger one.


President, Quebec Regional Council


[1] Important meeting that takes place in a natural and invigorating remote location, during which partners meet to define the main strategic guidelines of an organization and plan the actions to undertake or for periodic resourcing. Source: Office de la langue française.