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The arrival of spring brings winds of change to the National Council. First, the paper version of the Vincenpaul magazine will be replaced by an electronic version. This will allow us to update you more regularly on the Society’s activities and reach more members, since conference presidents will be able to forward the newsletter to everyone. This change had been looked forward to for some time and will allow us to reach all Vincentians.

January 2018 - Quebec Regional Council Edition

 Vincenpaul English Vol2 No1

 Vincenpaul English Vol2 No1 (Printable)

December 2017- Training Edition

 Vincenpaul English Vol1 No6

 Vincenpaul English Vol1 No6 (Printable)

November 2017 - Western Regional Council Edition

 Vincenpaul English Vol1 No5

 Vincenpaul English Vol1 No5 (Printable)

October 2017 - Social Justice

 Vincenpaul English Vol1 No4

 Vincenpaul English Vol1 No4 (Printable)

September 2017 - Ontario Edition

 Vincenpaul English Vol1 No3

 Vincenpaul English Vol1 No3 (Printable)

June 2017 - Social Justice

 Vincenpaul English Vol1 No2

 Vincenpaul English Vol1 No2 (Printable)

May 2017

 Vincenpaul English Vol1 No1

 Vincenpaul English Vol1 No1 (Printable)