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The National Youth Committee, working with the National Education/Formation Committee, is introducing a series of resources for conferences and councils to assist in the attraction, development and retention of youth and young adult members. As the rule book states, every conference has a requirement to work towards finding youth and young adult members. These resources are to help conferences to do that.

 As part of this plan, the following resources are available:

  1. The Youth Advisor – a guide for council presidents on how to find a youth advisor and approach them on starting a conference (available here);
  2. The Youth Advisor Handbook – a step-by-step guide for the Youth Advisor on the formation of a youth conference (expected soon);
  3. The Youth Conference Handbook – a guide for youth conferences on the recruitment of youth and activities for the conference (expected soon).

 For any questions on these resources, please contact the National Youth Rep at


The Emmanuel Bailly Scholarship is an initiative of the National Council of Canada of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. It was created to reward young Vincentians who have to combine their studies and volunteer work. In addition to attending school and often working part time, young Vincentians find time and energy to help the less privileged of their community.  The National Council of Canada wishes to reward them, for exceptional contribution, by offering a bursary of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) in Canadian currency and a merit certificate.

The scholarship is awarded to a Vincentian student who clearly stood out during the year.  The bursary is to help the recipient pursue his/her studies and fulfill professional ambitions. 

For information and application, please download PDF document: APPLICATION




Gabrielle has been active with St. Kevin’s Conference in Val Caron, Ontario for five years. She participates as a youth member, helping out with BBQs, fund raising events, volunteering at the Elizabeth Centre (a home for the elderly), the Conference’s annual meet & greet, and as a volunteer at Valley East Days. She has also attendedthe National Council’s AGA in Ottawa in 2013 and two BAMs (Big Awesome Meeting’s) with the Ontario Regional Council.

She is an honours graduate at Bishop Alexander Carter Catholic High School, including a Specialist High Skills Major in Information and Communications Technology, a high level Computer Visual and Graphics Program at the school. In September, Gabrielle entered first year at Sheridan College in Oakville in their Gaming Design Bachelor Program.

Gabrielle comes from a family that is active in the Society. The President of St. Kevin’s Conference is her father, Rod Harte, while her mother, Maria Harte, is a Project Coordinator and assists the local Particular Council as a Youth Advisor. Gabrielle is one of six girls in the family, all of whom volunteer in some capacity with the Society.

Congratulations Gabrielle on being named the recipient of the Emmanuel Bailly Scholarship for 2014. Best of luck with your studies!





My name is Adam Doyle. I was born on August 10, 1995 in Halifax, Nova Scotia to Blair and Angela Doyle. I have two siblings, Aaron and Amanda. I have lived on the Dartmouth side my entire life, attending Portland Estates Elementary School, Ellenvale Junior High and finally Dartmouth High School from which I have just recently graduated. Next year, I will be studying engineering at SMU. Throughout my years of schooling, I have paddled for Senobe Aquatic Club down on Lake Banook, played rugby for the Dartmouth Spartans and attended mass regularly at St. Clements Parish. These are just a few of the many activities I’ve participated in over the years.

Due to my father’s influence, I have spent much of my youth outdoors. Kayaking, hiking, canoeing and just camping in general have occupied a large portion of my time. Annually, we spend a week canoeing in the back country and running rapids. Another large factor in my life has been the church. After attending several Stubenville conferences and being a lector and altar server at St. Clements, I can legitimately say that I have contributed lots of time to the Church and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Each year, I help the Saint Vincent de Paul Society through our parish; delivering food to the less fortunate and spreading the joy of the season.




On the feast of St. Vincent de Paul, September 27, 2012, an evening Eucharistic celebration was held at St. Theresa’s Church for all members of the Society in the St. John’s area. Fr. Bidgood and Fr. English from the parish celebrated mass for the group.

A social followed. Winner of the Emmanuel Bailly Scholarship for 2012, Adam Keating, was presented with his scholarship to the delight of his parents who also attended.








The National Council of Canada is proud to introduce the recipient of the first Emmanuel Bailly Scholarship, presented during the Society’s Annual General Assembly held in Victoria, BC. The $1,000 scholarship, along with a certificate offered to a young Vincentian, was financed thanks to Hotel 71, located in downtown Quebec City, and by a personal donation from Sister Penny Craig, National President.

The 2011 recipient is Brother Adam Roath, from Windsor, Ontario. Adam completed his studies at Holy Name High School and now wishes to study medicine while continuing to be involved in the Society. He stands out not only through his volunteer work within the Holy Name of Mary Conference, but also through solid family values and altruistic qualities. Unable to attend the AGA, Adam will receive his scholarship in the coming fall from the hands of Brother John Staley, Ontario Regional Council President, who indorsed his nomination.

Our warmest congratulations to Adam, who is a wonderful example to follow and is proof that there are up and coming members within the Society. We with him much success in his future projects.