Atlantic Regional Council

Atlantic Regional Council
Parnell Kelly, President


The Atlantic Regional Council has travelled a rocky road in the last ten months. My short term as Acting President has been somewhat successful. Our future looks bright. Conversations are being held, with a goal of becoming a Council that will embrace technology.

The four Conferences on Prince Edward Island have been able to increase memberships. Holy Redeemer hosted a half day mini conference in late February. The three Conferences in Charlottetown and one in Summerside distributed hand-made mittens, hats and scarves to the elementary schools in the two cities. The need for funds to travel for medical care off the Island has risen dramatically. The PEI Conferences continue to be very generous in their donations.

The Island of Cape Breton, Northside P.C. is still very active and is supporting the poor in many ways.Food banks, drop-in centres and response to calls in the Northside Conferences are facing struggles. The need has increased because of the number of folks who are unemployed as well as the aging population whose needs are greater than their income. This is also a problem as the average age of Vincentians is growing. Out migration has been a problem in Atlantic Canada for decades.

The NFLD Particular Council under the leadership of President Chris Ryan is showing leadership to the rest of Atlantic Canada. In the near future, meetings across the Island will be held via Skype. Mr. Ryan is a very valuable resource to Regional board.The Gathering Place was identified as a place where the St Johns Conferences could do an act of charity. A goal was set to collect gently used and new boots and new socks. One hundred pairs in two weeks. At the completion of the successful drive the gift was presented to Val Geary of the Gathering Place by Louise Moores.

Halifax Particular Council is made up of most of mainland Nova Scotia. David Connors is President of this PC. Their food bank in downtown Halifax is water in the desert for the unfortunate in Halifax.

Mr. Cecil Snow resigned his position in mid -February. Mr. Cormier asked if I would take on the role in an acting position until the next AGA. We also lost the Secretary, Treasurer, and Spiritual Director.The new Executive is: Acting President: Parnell Kelly, PEI; Vice-President: Chris Ryan, NFLD; Vice-President: Jim MacIntyre, Northside Cape Breton; Treasurer: Linda Peters, PEI; Spiritual Director: Gordon Lan, PEI.

Parnell Kelly, Acting President, Atlantic Regional Council