British Columbia and Yukon Regional Council

British Columbia and Yukon Regional Council
1738 East Hastings
Vancouver, BC   V5L 1S5


The past few months have been fulfilling and heart rending. Our past treasurer Bill Clendenning’s wife Gloria, our past president Nora Criss’s husband Ron, our acting treasurer Claude Bedard’s wife Eva all have passed away in the last six months. Please pray for all these families which have lost their loved ones that they may live in peace and the grace of God. We will miss these friends.

We are looking forward to Kelowna hosting the B.C. Yukon AGM in April and then Vancouver hosting SSVP National AGA in June. Thank you to all that are doing such good works in putting this together.
We hope there are many from across Canada who will join us in Vancouver as this is a beautiful city and there is a full agenda to enjoy.

Many have been financially and physically involved in the Refugee Program and I heartily congratulate them all. Throughout the province Vincentians are living our Mission Statement to See Christ in the Poor. My prayers go out to you all.

I am going to finish this report by also congratulating SSVP Vancouver Island on their 100th Birthday this year. They have grown in leaps and bounds in these 100 years to having many Retail Stores, multi Housing projects, the Ozanam Center (serving persons with developmental disabilities), and the Social Concern Office. Four Conferences have also been added north of Victoria (making 14 in total with the 10 in the Victoria area); it only made sense that the northern four became a separate Particular Council.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, Victoria, B.C. has been in existence in Victoria since November 1915 and aggregated in 1916. Renamed now as SSVP Vancouver Island.

We continue our conversations with contacts in Whitehorse, Yukon and hope we will be able to work with them in the future. Our goal for the near future is to reinstate Conferences that have closed for one reason or another over the years. Pray for us that all these good works will happen.

Yours in Christ,

Scotty MacLaren, President, B. C. & Yukon Council


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