Emergency Relief

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The Committee is responsible for ensuring a response and follow-up to International Council General (ICG) and National Councils financial assistance requests as a result of natural disasters and humanitarian catastrophes.


The National Council continued sending funds to the National Council of Haiti to support victims of the January 2010 earthquake. When that disaster hit Haiti, the National President launched a fundraising campaign. That emergency fund had a balance of $54,627.34 at March 31, 2016. A contribution in the amount of $2,500 was forwarded to the National Council of Haiti this fiscal year. The funds are distributed equally between the National Council and the four regional councils in Haiti.

The National Council, with an Ontario conference, is also involved in an education project since 2014, for a period of 5 years. The project aims to help school children in an isolated village on the southern coast of the country. The funds are used to provide clothing, school supplies and meals on school days. A $2,500 contribution was transferred to Haiti for this project.


Other Catastrophes and Humanitarian Aid

Several transfers of funds totaling $124,168 were made to the Council General during the period for humanitarian aid to Syrian and Iraqis refugees relocated in camps in Jordan and Lebanon, and for natural disasters in Nepal and Africa. These transfers of funds were affected mostly as a result of decisions made by the Committee the preceding fiscal year.

Clermont Fortin. Chair, International Emergency Relief

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