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As a reflection for this month, I would like to take the opportunity to reflect on and to remember the people and families who suffer the most during this COVID-19 pandemic. We now see almost 1.85 million people died of the disease worldwide, almost 16,000 in Canada and over 354,000 in our...


Happily, for some years now, the “Advent Missions” I have been conducting have become more “Christmas Season” missions, as we explore the deeper meaning of not just Advent, but also Christmas and the Epiphany. Officially, Ordinary time begins after the Baptism...


Reverend Hyland Fraser is a deacon who participated in a pilgrimage to the Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine in Mexico City. On one excursion to a popular market, the group noticed a couple seated on the sidewalk, begging. He happened to pass by them again on his own as the group...


As you read this we are in that time between Thanksgiving and Advent, in what the Church calls ‘Ordinary Time’, the time between and outside of the seasons of Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter.  Ordinary refers to the numbered weeks; it doesn’t mean that nothing...

To Go and Look at Misery

What most astonished Frédéric Ozanam during his university years became a turning point in his life (as happened to Paul on the road to Damascus, Ac 9:1-19, but less dramatically). That was to run out of arguments against those who, in March 1833, were objecting that most...

“If you forgive others their transgressions, your heavenly Father will forgive you.  But if you do not forgive others, neither will your Father forgive your transgressions.” (Matthew 6:14-15)

How do we respond as Vincentians when the charity we provide is misused or squandered?  It seems shocking to...


Jesus took Peter and James and his brother John
and led them up a high mountain by themselves. 
And he was transfigured before their eyes,
and his face became as dazzling as the sun,
his clothes as radiant as light . 
Suddenly Moses and Elijah appeared to them, conversing with him...

Making God’s Love Credible

As we end this holy Easter season, it is worth looking back on the writings of Saint John. His gospel is a hymn to Love. He constantly reveals to us that God is Love and that He calls us to live from this Love. Jesus clearly affirms that Love is the only measure of our...

Hope and Faith

Now more than ever, our personal faith is the lifeline that carries us from day to day. This time in history brings us to cling to the teachings of Christ and, as Vincentians, to the actions of Frédéric Ozanam.

Faith, Hope and Charity are the guiding principles of our catholic faith...

On Connecting Faith to Life as an Easter Church

“We Christians have not thoroughly assimilated ourselves to Jesus Christ. We divorce faith from life (we content ourselves with preaching the faith or celebrating it liturgically, but we do not put love and justice into practice). An Easter church...


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