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Safe, Secure And Affordable Housing Is A Human Right

A 2016 report by the United Nations committee on Economics, Social and Cultural Rights criticized Canada for its “persistent housing crisis”. In 2017 Statistics Canada reported that over 25% of Canadians spent more than 30% of their income on...

Social Justice Cross-Conference Teams

As we continue to grow the social justice network across Canada, challenges remain at the conference and council level. The revised national statutes of the Society include social justice as a recommended agenda item at every meeting. The National Council also...

Safe, Secure And Affordable Housing Is A Human Right

The October Changing Times provided background information on the national 3 -year national housing campaign which included the anticipated outcomes of the campaign which align with the four pillars of...

Safe, Secure And Affordable Housing Is A Human Right

In March 2019, the SSVP National Council of Canada approved the National Action Committee’s recommendation to conduct a 3-year national housing campaign.  The overarching goal of this campaign will be to educate Vincentians, our parishes, and the...

Social Justice Project in Calgary

Calgary SSVP is pleased to announce that with the support of Theodoric Nowak (Diocese of Calgary) and the full support of Calgary Central Council president Theo van Besouw and vice president David Mayer, we are investigating a new system to support high-risk single...

I’m the New Social Justice Rep for BC and Yukon… Now What?

A few months ago my name was put forward to be the new Social Justice rep for BC and Yukon.  I fully admitted that I didn’t know much about social justice but I’d be willing to take a huge leap of faith and say YES - so here I am!


As stated by Frédéric Ozanam in the 19th century

In Quebec[1], social justice exists in a variety of forms within governments, the SSVP and several community organizations… It is true that social security is a form of social justice, but is it sufficient, knowing that...

Basic Income: What it is and how it works?

Providing a basic income to the poor lifts them out of poverty and benefits our communities.  Many people support the idea and believe it’s affordable, but others including some politicians are still sceptical.

What is basic income?

Basic income is a payment...


Welcome to the first edition of our revised Changing Times social justice newsletter. You may recall this newsletter was published four times a year. This revised edition will be published ten times each year but will be shorter in content. Each of our five regions will have one...

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