North of 60

North of 60

National Fundraising

North of 60 remains an important project to help our neighbours in the Canadian Far North who are living in extreme poverty. Employment opportunities are few in these regions and the cost of food and other basic necessities is exorbitant. This situation is unacceptable, especially in a country as rich as ours, and we cannot remain indifferent to this great need. Through our North of 60 Project, it is our hope to provide significant support to as many northern communities as possible.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul been very active over the last few years in sending sea containers filled with donated goods to remote northern communities. SSVP Conferences have been established in some of these communities and there is support from various religious orders. We have also been fortunate this year to have free transportation provided for project coordinators to visit some of these communities and meet with their contacts there, thanks to Aklak Air and Canadian North Airlines.

 In 2016, 11 sea containers were sent, each one of them containing supplies worth between $25,000 and $100,000, according to the size of the community. 

Transportation logistics to send goods to the North and the cost of the shipment of sea containers continue to be a challenge. We hope to expand this project to more Arctic communities in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, and to include Nunavik in northern Quebec. 

Looking at this project as a whole, it certainly appears to be a very large undertaking. But the more people and groups that are involved, the more possible it will be for us to make a difference and help these neighbours of ours in need. 

Your monetary donations to “North of 60” will allow us to continue supporting northern communities.


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