Quebec Regional Council

Quebec Regional Council
6450 Ave Christophe-Colomb, Bureau 306
Montréal, QC , H2S 2G7
(514) 525-0232


Michel Olivier The Québec Regional Council appointed a new executive in July 2016. We have monthly Skype meetings that help us manage regular affairs and get to know each other better. To those meetings were added two main activities: first, the production and distribution or our yearly magazine, this year’s special edition celebrating the 170th anniversary of the foundation of the first Conference in Québec, and secondly, we had a planning meeting in a lodge near Montreal. That 2-day meeting of the expanded executive committee, including our two employees, allowed us, after a spiritual reflection and a brainstorming session, to establish priorities and an action plan that was adopted by our Board in April.

The action plan is divided into two parts: main projects and development activities.

In the “project” section, two projects were retained: OBM (Pencil Case) and North of 60. The OBM project has been operational since 2001. Since it began, mainly in Montréal and Québec city, over 6 million dollars were distributed to support the beginning of the school year, belonging initiatives and perseverance scholarships. We are planning to improve and financially support that project across Québec as well as make it known in the rest of Canada. The North of 60 project is still in the early stages, but we have the support of our Board to put in place an infrastructure in 2017 and send our first containers to northern Québec in 2018.

Our development activities will focus on our communications at all levels: better sharing of information from the top down and from the bottom up about our good deeds and our successes, but also our difficulties, the increase in participation in our local and regional meetings, revitalisation of a training committee, without omitting to insist on an important Québec participation in our national conference which will take place in Québec city in 2017. Finally, our website makeover is expected in 2018.

President, Quebec Regional Council

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