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Society of Saint Vincent de Paul members, please follow this link to access the social justice resources:  Social Justice Resources

The national committee consists of the following members:

Chair Jim Paddon. Therese Cassie, Sr. Aurea Cormier (Atlantic), Claude Lafleche (Quebec) Corry Wink (Ontario), Maria Lupul (Western), Johanna Cross (BC-Yukon), Lillian Mulder (Youth), Carla Calitri, Elaine McMurray (Secretary). Ex-officio members Jean Noel Cormier, Richard Pommainville. Vacant BC-Yukon, Deacon Gord Jenkinson (Spiritual Advisor).

Our social justice newsletter (Changing Times) has now been incorporated into the new online version of the Vincenpaul magazine. There will be a Social Justice edition of Vincenpaul published three times a year-February, June and October.

Please join our Social Justice Facebook group and share your comments with others.

Social Justice includes advocacy, systemic change and restorative justice and indigenous peoples as well as other issues and topics that may arise. One such issue is indigenous peoples and the need to educate our own members about the challenges they have and are facing. Environmental change is certainly another area that requires our attention.  The need to educate our members about these is the key to accomplishing more and to reach this goal it is very important that every council in Canada appoints a Social Justice Committee while conferences appoint a social justice rep. The national committee has developed resource material to enable councils and conferences to achieve this goal. Please contact the chair or visit our national website to access this information.  

Our Society was founded on the essential values of both charity and justice for all. I invite you to support our efforts by becoming active at your council or conference level. We are capable of changing systems through our advocacy and actions. In doing so we can provide those we serve, as well as our own members, with a sense of HOPE for a better future for all. 


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