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THEME FOR 2019-2020:  Together as Family




This document presents, in its first section, a description of the role and a list of the responsibilities of the Spiritual Advisor in the Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul. The second part offers a few suggestions of reflections and prayers that could be used at the meetings.


May is the month of mothers. Our thoughts turn to our own mothers and remember the small and large endearments and duties they performed that show us their love. We pause to remember mothers who live in hovels or without enough food for their children. Sometimes all they have is their love and they wait for better times to come, often disillusioned by many in their lives. We lift our eyes and our hearts to our Mother Mary. She loved and lived as we do. The one difference is that she is the mother of God. During May we remember our Mother, the mother of all mothers, the mother of God. Mary loved and said yes. Her yes was for all of us. We honour her now with her special prayer and reflection for Vincentians. 


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