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Society of Saint Vincent de Paul members, please follow this link to access all the twinning resources:  Twinning Resources

Dear Vincentians,

I am writing to you at the beginning of this New Year to give you an overview of the twinning activities in 2017 and to ask you to submit the 2017 Annual Report.

Administration and Promotion

No amendment to policy was made in 2017. Canada is assigned 11 Designated Countries for the twinning program. 

Internal Twinning: The Internal Twinning program was cancelled in 2017 by decision of the National Council Board of Directors. Conferences and councils of a region are now asked to assist conferences in need. New policy ADM-PR 008, Support to Conferences and Councils, replaces the former program. You can find the new policy on our web site,

 Promotional activities: The Facebook group, SSVP Canada Twinning-Jumelage, was created in March 2015. This social media is used to promote the program and show examples of activities realized by twinning partners in emerging countries and in Canada. Please encourage all Conferences and Councils of your region to join the Group to receive twinning news from within Canada and abroad. Any event of interest in your twinning can be posted on this Group by sending a short text with/without photo to Mrs. Nicole Schryburt, twinning@ or by posting yourself an article and photo(s) on the Facebook group.

Vincentians must continue to support their brothers and sisters of developing countries as they struggle to serve the poorest of the poor of their communities. I am asking you to promote twinning with councils and conferences in your area to create new twinning. Even small contributions can do a lot of good in emerging countries. They need our help. The National Council can help with translation Spanish/English, English/Spanish for Spanish language countries. 


147 active Twinning were recorded at the end of December 2017.  There was 20 new twinning this past year. 

Annual Report

Twinning Conferences and Councils must submit the 2017 Twinning Annual Report to their Twinning Regional Coordinator by February 28, 2018. This Newsletter is being sent to all Conferences and Councils in Canada in the active category that reported a twinning activity (transfer of funds) during the past year. As well, the Newsletter is being sent to all Canadian twins that did not report any financial activity to the National Council in 2017. These donor twinning partners are asked to complete the Annual Report and confirm if their twinning arrangement is still active.

Thank you

I thank sincerely all of you for your commitment to the program. A special thank you to Mrs. Nicole Schryburt, Administrative Assistant Twinning, for her excellent work, her support and ideas.  I wish to thank the Regional Coordinators for their unreserved support to the program.

Serving with love, respect, justice and
Joy, Mission Statement, SSVP Canada.

Clermont Fortin, Chair National Twinning


Regional Twinning Reps.

  • Donna Thompson, BC & Yukon Regional Council
  • Cathy Pidhirney, Western Regional Council
  • Guido Kelly, Ontario Regional Council 
  • Claude Roy, Quebec Regional Council 
  • Chris Ryan, Atlantic Regional Council 





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