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 SSVP Canada Twinning-Jumelage

Newsletter: Twinning Newsletter


Twinning is a fundamental Special Work of mutual assistance of the Society within Canada and with Conferences and Councils of developing countries. Activities promoting the program continued throughout the fiscal year, particularly by an invitation to twinning to all Central and Particular Councils not already twinning. A workshop was presented at the 2015 AGA and at the General Assembly of the Quebec Regional Council last October.

Articles on the various aspects of twinning were published in the VincenPaul-Canada magazine, on the web site of the National Council and of some Regional Councils. Several reports/photos about twinning experiences and celebrating new twinning were posted on the group Facebook page SSVP Canada Twinning-Jumelage. All Vincentians are encouraged to subscribe to this social network.

All these activities resulted in a significant increase of the number of twinning.

The tri-partite agreement USA-Haiti-Canada, signed in April 2013, aims to twin 22 Haitian Conferences and Councils in the 4 years ending in 2017. Seven (7) new partnerships with Haiti were approved this fiscal year for a total of 18 twinning so far (18/22). Several twinning applications from Designated Countries are awaiting a partner from Canada. 

I thank the Twinning Regional Coordinators and Nicole Schryburt, Administrative Assistant Twinning, for their commitment to the program.

Clermont Fortin,