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  • a ‘special work’ of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. It is one of fraternal union and sharing
  • a sharing of our prayers, our personal contacts, and our resources with conferences and councils nationally and internationally, that have less resources to conduct their work 
  • members wanting to pursue their Vincentian vocation to reach out to the poor, wherever they are.There are two types of twinning – Internal or External. 

Financial and Material Assistance 
Financial assistance at regular intervals is the usual method of helping a twinned conference or council. There are specific National Council of Canada Guidelines for financial transfer of funds. Material assistance such as clothing, tools and equipment can be sent, keeping in mind appropriate government regulations for secure and lawful movement of such items.

A regular exchange of correspondence between twins will strengthen the bonds of understanding and friendship. Mutual communication can be about respective experiences, local area activities, interests, membership and personal matters. These correspondences can include photographs to share as well. It is essential that replies are received to correspondence on a regular basis, or at least once a year

Type of twinning: 

  1. xternal Twinning : twinning with countries outside Canada. Canadian conferences and councils may be twinned only with designated countries of the Americas, these currently include: Dominican Republic, Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Peru, El Salvador and Nicaragua. All funds sent to these countries must follow the established twinning protocols for sending financial aid out of the country. Funds are processed through the National Council of Canada Administrative Assistant, responsible to ensure security and accountability.

There are National Policies and Guidelines available to assist twinning conferences and councils with their twinning program. Vincentians would be violating their duty of accountability owed to donors to the Society if they were to ‘twin’ with a person, group or organization outside the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. The Rule* states that all monies collected in the name of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul must be used for the work of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.

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Twinning forms:

Forms for regular twins and project twins:

Transmittal forms for internal twins (between two Canadian conferences) and external twins:

Twinning annual report forms: