Call for Workshops

Annual National Formation 2020

Invitation to host a workshop - ANF - June 24-28, 2020

Workshops are held on Thursday June 25, 2020

The theme presented at this ANF will be: “We are called”
The theme has been chosen so that we as Vincentians may take time to reflect on how we interact with those we serve.  Workshops may be developed around the theme.
National Committee sponsored workshops – Topics vary from year to year: 

  1. Roles of the President and Executive - conferences/councils
  2. Succession planning - conferences/councils
  3. Policies and Procedures
  4. Recruitment and Orientation
  5. Train the Trainers

Other potential workshop topics:

  • Structural Causes of Poverty
  • Collaboration with Other Organizations
  • Spirituality of the Work of a Vincentian 
  • Foundations of Our Society
  • Special works – the public face of our Society
  • SSVP in North of 60 
  • Advocacy and How to Advocate Effectively
  • Systemic Change projects
  • Youth in Action
  • Fundraising

Workshops are typically 75 minutes long. Presenters must provide their own presentation materials and equipment, i.e. portable disk drives and their own pcs for connection to existing in-house-supplied AV equipment.  Any Handout materials are the responsibility of the presenters to produce, bring and supply to attendees.
Final date for submission of workshop forms is Monday April 1, 2020. 


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Handout materials are the responsibility of the presenter.

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