Western Regional Council

Western Regional Council

(Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories and Nunavut) 

Email: pres.wrc@ssvp.ca


Using teleconferencing and websites, the Vincentian Family in Western Region has effectively communicated to share best practices and to introduce our mission to others interested in collaborating with our Society.  Information on activities in Edmonton is found at www.ssvpedmonton.ca and our Society’s programs in Calgary are found at www.ssvpcalgary.ca.

Our Vincentian efforts in the Canadian Arctic North through the North of 60 Project continues to increase with 10 communities this year receiving food, clothing and other items that they identify as in need.

Assistance to First Nations Communities in Alberta and Manitoba continues to be a priority. Communications as a first step have been successful and Community needs have been identified through the cooperative efforts of people in these Communities. Donation support to fill these identified needs has begun.

So much of our Vincentian effort in support of the Inuit, Inuvialuit and First Nations Communities would not be possibly without the donations from the Parishioners in our Conference churches and Corporate help with transportation, food product and other items on our needs lists. Vincentians have heard the call for action and are addressing the need for reconciliation with the Canadian indigenous peoples.

New Conference formation continues in Alberta and Manitoba however we have not had success in Saskatchewan.

Our Vincentians continue to be innovative and these improvements increase the effectiveness of our support to those in need.

•A new data base has been developed and shared with Conferences around the Western Region as well as across Canada.

•A strong Regional Social Justice Committee has been formed and in harmony with the National Social Justice Committee there have been submissions to Federal, Provincial and Territorial Governments.

•Collaboration with private sponsored Syrian Refugee Committees within the Catholic Community, as well as several other Faith Groups, started late last year and continued into early 2016, provided food, furniture and household items to help settle these new Canadians.

•The North of 60 activity continues to be a strong motivator for increased youth involvement.

Peter Ouellette, Past-President, Western Regional Council